Kristen and Tiago

How We Met

My fiancé & I met almost 7 years ago when I worked at a nearby orthodontist office. His brother was my patient and he made sure to always bring his brother to his appointments & bring me some pastries from a nearby bakery. After a few visits his brother & cousin tried to hook us up, initially, I wasn’t interested but thought he was nice & we became friends. Months after hanging out as friends we went to a concert together & kissed for the first time ( 7/7/12 to be exact ) and that’s where it all started.

how they asked

For my 30th birthday this year I asked for two things, a surprise vacation outside of the US and to not find out where I was going until I arrived at the airport. And on 8/28/18 I got exactly that, we arrived to the airport and still had no idea where I was going. Finally, we got to our gate and we were boarding the plane as a family ( yes we have a 4-year-old son Mason) on our way to Costa Rica!!! I was SOO EXCITED since Costa Rica was on my top 3 places to visit.

When we got to our Hotel Rui Palace he upgraded our room to a presidential suite, this room was AMAZING!! And I definitely thought that was my birthday present, but of course, he had other plans to make this vacation extra special.

On the 3rd day 8/30/18, we went on a catamaran in the middle of the Pacific where he FINALLy asked me to be his wife in front of our son & hundreds of people. Of course, I said YES!!! I waited long enough for this moment ?

Kristen's Proposal in Costa Rica