Kristen and Taylor

How We Met

Our love story begins at Moorestown High School. One early morning, I parked my car and began walking into school. As I was halfway across the parking lot, a car zoomed across the lot and stopped an inch before slamming into me. That’s when Taylor and I locked eyes for the very first time. I guess you can call it love at first site! Of course after profusely apologizing, we became inseparable. We have been together through college graduations, grad school graduations, first jobs, moving, numerous family functions, and everything in between.

Kristen and Taylor's Engagement in Our First Home Together

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Our First Home Together

how they asked

Taylor and I decided to celebrate an early Valentine’s day on the 10th, since I’m a Physician Assistant working in the ER on Valentine’s Day. We got all dressed up and headed to Philadelphia for a romantic dinner. When we got into the car, a red rose was waiting for me on the passenger seat. At the restaurant, we were guided to our own private wine cellar to dine lined with rose petals and candles. When we left dinner, Taylor told me he had to run home because he forgot something. When we got home, I was greeted by two candles and rose petals on our front door step. When I opened the door, I heard Ed Sheeran’s song “Perfect” playing as I saw our stairway lined in more candles and rose petals. When I reached the top of the steps (and could no longer hold my tears back), I saw a huge heart made of twinkle lights on our wall which were wrapped perfectly around pictures of us, 2 dozen roses on our coffee table, champagne flutes already filled, and even more candles and rose petals! There was a large heart made of rose petals in the middle of our living room floor, which Taylor led me to and he asked me to be his wife! And if he hadn’t already done everything perfectly, there was even a professional photographer capturing every moment! After I said yes, our family popped out from various rooms to surprise us with a table of sweets and an engagement party.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Our First Home Together

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