Kristen and Sam

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How We Met

Sam and I met at MusikFest in Bethlehem, PA in August of 2017. MusikFest is this awesome 10-day long event where they close the streets of downtown Bethlehem and bring in every kind of musician and band you can think of all while having tons of local food and beer! Katie, One of the nurses I worked within the ER started talking about her roommate, what a great guy he was, and how she wanted to introduce me to him. She was planning on going to MusikFest with her friend group, and I was planning on going with a bunch of my closest work friends, so we planned to meet up. So if you know any Emergency Department healthcare professionals, then you know when you put them all together outside of work, they’re gonna get a little rowdy! When my whole workgroup eventually met up with Katie at Brew Works, we were a little rowdy, haha! So needless to say, my first interaction with Sam was not one of those ultra-romantic, stars align, cue the music, and fall in love at first sight moments. Katie introduced us, and I remember thinking to myself, “Well he’s pretty tall and handsome.” And Sam’s first impression of me was, “She’s loud.” 😂 We had a conversation over lemon drop shots where I “continued to be loud” according to Sam, and we went our separate ways. Later that night I asked Katie for Sam’s number. I texted him and was presently surprised that he replied back to me. We kept texting over the next few weeks and Sam asked me out on our first date. In a twist of fate, we met up at Brew Works, the place we had met at MusikFest! And it was THE best first date either one of us had ever had! We spent 4 hours talking and laughing non-stop…and yes, I was significantly less loud this time around! As they say: the rest is history! Almost 4 years later we still go back every summer to MusikFest, grab a drink at Brew Works, and reminisce about the night we first met!

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How They Asked

Sam proposed on Saturday, May 2nd, 2020. It was the height of the pandemic in our region and things were still on lockdown. As a nurse, I had been working a ton, and Sam told me that since we had a free weekend, we were going to go up to Bethlehem for the day to walk around and get out of the house. Saturday rolled around and I noticed Sam got his haircut, shaved, and dressed up a little for what I thought was a legging and messy-bun type day, haha. Looking back, I’m glad I did! When we got to Bethlehem we walked all around Main Street, downtown, the parks, and it just felt like the perfect little escape from the pandemic. Eventually, we made our way back to Main Street and Sam stopped at this fountain across from our favorite restaurant and just kept looking around. I started rambling on about the history of this fountain (😂), and the next thing I knew he was down on one knee!!! I immediately started crying, and he tells me I nearly knocked him over with how hard I hugged him and while he was down on his knee. I of course said YES, and he stood up he handed me a card with the sweetest handwritten letter inside with everything he wanted to say. He told me he wanted me to be able to remember everything from this moment, so he wrote it all down so I could keep it forever.

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He put the most GORGEOUS ring on my hand and told me to turn around. I was confused, and when I did turn around, my Mom and one of my young sisters were standing there! I of course cried even harder because it meant so much to me that Sam included them at this moment! My mom was even able to take pictures of the moment Sam proposed! We spent some socially-distant time together with them before we stopped by to see Sam’s Dad to share our exciting news.

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When we got there we were greeted with a champagne celebration in the driveway! I was starting to catch on that everyone but me knew Sam was going to propose. After we left Sam said he wanted to “swing by” his Mom’s house. When we got to his Mom’s house I was SO surprised that he had planned a small little socially distant celebration with 2 of my closest friends and 2 of his closest friends!! Sam always says he’s the least romantic person, but he made the moment he asked me to spend forever with him, not just the perfect moment, but the most perfect, special, memorable DAY ever!!!

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