Kristen and Ryan

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How We Met

Ryan and I met about 7 years ago when I decided to apply for a bar-tending position as Flemming’s Wine bar and Grill here in Tampa,FL. I actually laid eyes on Ryan during my interview, but I would never admit that I was checking him out. Later that night I was working at my then current job and across the room I lock eyes with this very familiar looking man. We just stared at each other and never said anything as we passed by each other. I realized that I believe that was the same man that I checked out at my interview earlier in the day.

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A couple days later I received the news that I got the job and started my new gig a week a later. I started working in the bar next to Ryan. We became work friends that turned into good friends that then turned into best friends. When we first became friends I told him I don’t believe in dating someone I work with. He never gave up and confidently pursued me for over a year till I finally came to my senses. Ryan and I ran our first a 5k run together and as I crossed that finish line and saw him waiting for me it was at that moment I knew I needed to take the leap and take the next step. We decided to go out on a real date and I guess you could say the rest is history.

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how they asked

It all started 6 years ago when I met my Fiance Ryan Kelly. Fast forward to last August where Ryan and I were planning to go up and see his family & friends in New Jersey. I asked if it would be possible to go up a day earlier to see my best friend Nicole and her boyfriend in New York. He said it might be tough getting off of work in such short notice but he didn’t think it was a problem.Nicole thought what a great idea that she’ll let us into her apartment on her lunch break and that we can meet up after she gets out of work for drinks and then go to dinner. We get up early on August 10,2016 and fly from Tampa, FL to NYC. We get in and NY is actually having a abnormal heat wave and it’s 100 degrees outside. When it was time to meet up with Nicole she said that her boyfriend Eric had 4 free tickets to Top of The Rock in Rockefeller Center and asked if we wanted to go before we went to dinner.

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No hesitation I was like how freaking cool of course I would love to go. Of course before we head out I have a wardrobe malfunction,my hair wouldn’t curl,it was 100 degrees outside and we walked to the subway where its at least 10 degrees hotter and to top it off we went the wrong way on the subway. Long lines and a metal detector later we finally are on top of the world looking down over the City right at the empire state building! When Ryan & I took a picture that was the Que where he was going tot get down on one knee in front of me & my best friend among all the great things he said he asked me the most important question.”Will I marry him” & of course I said “YES”!

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He also let me in on the secret that he anticipated the whole trip and going up a day earlier to see Nicole that he purchased those 4 tickets to Top of the Rock months ahead of time and couldn’t have been more nervous going through the metal detector with that ring box.He is the most amazing man and I get to spend forever with him!

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Special Thanks

Nicole Terramoccia
 | Helped plan the surprise
Eric Purpura
 | took our home video of the proposal