Kristen and Ryan

how we met

We met on Tinder! Honestly, we matched the night he got into town after a long haul from California. We didn’t talk much at first and we didn’t actually meet for a month. Two weeks into casually dating he asked if I wanted to date exclusively ????????. We went to a local bar and some awful band was playing but I’ll never forget that night. He asked to kiss me. Such a gentleman. I fell in love hard and fast so hard that I was even googling how long it takes to fall in love because I was almost in denial.

how they asked

We went to Hilltop Tavern for New Years Eve 12/31/18 the month of December was hard, so him ending the month with a proposal was the best way it could have ended! Also, my diamond in my ring is from my grandmother’s wedding ring from 1967! It’s stunning!

Special Thanks