Kristen and Rob

How We Met

We met during the summer of 2011. We worked together in the summer in the public schools. My first year working we didn’t speak to much, but the next year 2012, that’s when we hit it off. He always make me smile and laugh. He would always sit next to me. He also did starring contests and he always won cause I could never keep a straight face with him. Work ended in August and I texted him in the beginning of October. We texted and hung out a few times and then he asked me on a date. We had a blast our first date and he asked me to be his girlfriend an I couldn’t say no to him. Deep down I truly found my best friend!

how they asked

Well I wanted pictures taken of us for a while so he told me he got someone to take pictures at our first date location for our anniversary… He told me he had 2 presents for me… As we were taking pictures he tells me to close my eyes and he took out the first present which was a 3D heart shaped picture of us then a little bit later he said he has another gift, he then tells me to close my eyes again and he told me that he knows softball has been my passion and he told me to open my eyes… I only see a softball with my name on it, then he told me about the past 3 years and then he opened the softball and got on one knee and asked me to marry him and he opened the softball to show me the ring… And I said yes!!!

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