Kristen and Reed

Kristen and Reed's Engagement in Frog Pond - Boston Common, Boston, MA

How We Met

My now fiance, Reed and I have been together since 2013 after – get ready for it – matching on Tinder (before its bad reputation). We were a little ashamed and told people we met through mutual friends WHICH WAS NOT A LIE…the app helps you out by showing you what mutual friends you have in common (haha). At the time I was actually about to delete the app entirely until Reed and I matched. To be honest, I was close to giving up on dating and was so over it so I was a little feisty while talking to Reed. He asked after a few weeks of chatting when we could meet and I hit him back with “When you ask me on a real date” and he wasn’t taking my sass so he said “Alright, how’s Friday night?” and my heart dropped to my butt with excitement and fear.

Turns out we only lived about 6 minutes from each other this whole time. I paced in the kitchen before our date, before Reed I’d cancel or make up some excuse last minute because I was ridden with so much anxiety when it came to dates after a few bad ones so I was quite nervous. My parents absolutely had to move their cars in the driveway for work the next day at that very moment and I begged them to stay inside until he came to pick me up. They found it humorous and said, “it’ll only take a minute”. Reed shows up as they are just finishing organizing the car setup and my dad blurts out “She’s anxiously awaiting you in the house” THANKS DAD. (Reed shared that gem with me after a few months of being together). He makes it to the door and we greet each other, he walks me to the car and opens the door (brownie points) and as I’m putting on my seatbelt he says “I was thinking Italian for dinner?” and the rest was history.

PSYCH! I played hard to get for a few days after (I actually was truly busy) but it helped because I had to make sure this guy wasn’t just wasting my time. (He wasn’t) anyways we were inseparable after that and about a month or so later he creatively asked me to be his girlfriend with a scavenger hunt and a dazzling heart necklace on August 19th, 2013. With that romantic gesture, I knew the proposal would be grand too…

Enjoy this baby pic of us from 5 and a half years ago! (above)

How They Asked

Reed spent much of his time in the Boston area growing up, attending WIT and when we started dating I went from being a tourist to a professional Bostonian in no time – I also had a graduate assistant-ship at Emmanuel College so safe to say we’ve spent many weekends with great memories in the city.

Every New Year’s Eve we normally go ice skating (with the exception of last year when we went night skiing instead). So Reed and I got an Airbnb on the edge of the Boston Common and decided to spend a few nights there. Waking up the morning he planned to propose was just like any other except Reed had been up since 6 a.m. (rather than his usual 8 a.m. on the weekends) and was telling me to take my time getting ready (also odd since he usually complains about how long I take…) but I said what the hey and went with it!

Where to Propose in Frog Pond - Boston Common, Boston, MA

Hilariously looking back at it now, Reed thought I told him I was making pancakes…which technically I was but it was a quick Kodiak cake you pop in the microwave for a minute! So with Reed’s luck, I finished doing my hair, makeup, eating breakfast and brushing my teeth in record timing and was already in my coat waiting on him. He pointed to his feet and was like what’s the rush? I need to get socks and shoes on and slick my hair back. So I relax and watch Seinfeld until he is ready.

We had to make a stop at the car for our ice skates in the garage before heading to Frog Pond so we did that and headed to the rink (little did I know he was texting our close friends Caitlin and Louis who caught the whole thing for us!)

Fun fact: We almost bumped into Caitlin and Louis in the garage luckily they arrived 30 minutes earlier than Reed asked!

Anyways so we get into the line and I can’t help but notice Reed has a huge smile on his face looking off into the distance and so I’m like “What are you smiling at?” and he goes “What? Oh, nothing.” wipes the smile off of his face and we start talking about how many people there are. We start tying our skates up once we’re through the entrance and again Reed is looking off into the distance. I ignore it and we get on the ice. We do a few laps around and then I complain my feet already hurt. Reed says he did too and he goes let’s just do a few more and we can get off. We go around and he pulls off into the center of the ice and says “come here” I’m trailing behind yelling “Where are you going?!” He says “I just wanted to take a break but not get off the ice.”

THIS IS THE MOMENT LADIES & GENTS! He starts to get real serious and says “I love you so much, you’re my best friend” and I’m like “Yeah I know…I love you too…” and then it hits me when he starts pulling something out of his jacket pocket. He starts to get down on one knee WITH a skate on might I add – very hard to do (he went and practiced at the rink down the street from us so he wouldn’t fall). Literally, the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard and he asks me to marry him. It all happened so fast, I wish I could re-watch the moment over and over so I had to tell this story so in my old age I never forget the small details. As soon as his knee touched the ice I heard a woman yell “WOOO” and then a few more whispering “awww” and “saying its an engagement!” A crowd started to form as I cried like the loser I am and I squeaked out an “omg yes!” and then we embraced each other in a hug. Our hands were both shaking as he held the ring so I took it and put it on myself. It’s so beautiful and I’m so happy to have such a romantic and thoughtful man to spend the rest of forever with, he’s my best friend, the love of my life, the only one I want to share these life moments with.

Special shout-out to our friends Caitlin and Louis for helping plan and capturing our moment, (even surprised us with champagne & flowers and did some crowd control to get just the right picture, it is a story I will tell over and over!