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On January 16th, 2016 my friend’s Natalie & Taylor invited me out to dinner in Jacksonville Beach. While at dinner, Natalie brought up that her boyfriend Mikey was having a get together and asked if I wanted to come. I told Natalie I wasn’t in the mood and that I just wanted to cuddle up in my bed and watch Netflix since it was very cold out that night! Natalie insisted. She told me that this guy named Preston was going to be there who she really wanted me to meet. Preston was in town for one of his last rotations before he completed medical school and she wanted me to meet him before he left again. She told me that night before him and I even met that she thought we would be perfect together and that she knew for a fact we were going to get married one day. I thought she was a little crazy for saying that so I just laughed it off and at that point agreed to go. After we finished up dinner, we headed to Mikey’s house and when we walked in, we noticed that the only people that were there was Preston & Mikey! I felt at that point that it was kind of a set up! As I was walking in, I could tell Preston couldn’t take his eyes off of me and he then came up and introduced himself. We talked for a little and then Natalie came up to me and told me that Preston texted Mikey while we were all standing there saying, “She better not have a boyfriend.” Which I didn’t, thank goodness! As the night went on, Preston and I didn’t leave each other’s side and never stopped talking the whole night! He talked me into going to the beach bars with them that night and we hung out at this one bar called Hoptinger the whole time and had our first kiss there! (I know it was quick, but at that point we both knew this was something special) From that day forward we started dating and briefly after he told me he loved me and then almost two years later we got engaged! I feel like the luckiest girl to have met Preston. He completes me!

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how they asked

On December 14th 2017, the man of my dreams got down on one knee and asked me to be his partner, best friend, wife! What was even more special was this particular day would have been my Great Grandparent’s 73rd wedding anniversary! It was my first time in NYC and after a couple of hours exploring the City, Preston surprised me with a carriage ride through Central Park. Half-way through the carriage ride, the Coachman stopped for us to take pictures at the Bow Bridge, as he said it was the perfect place to snap some beautiful photos!

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As I was admiring the view of the snowy lake, I turned to tell Preston “let’s get a picture” and when I turned around he was down on one knee! As he was flushed and smiling from ear to ear, he said, “I’ve been wanting to do this for a while… I want to start a family with you, I want to make babies with you, will you marry me?” In complete shock, with tears running down my cheek, I said YES! Preston also planned a photographer to be there to capture the most magical moment of our lives! As we were riding away in the carriage, everyone in Central Park was clapping for us and it felt like a dream, but it was reality, my Dream Come True! It was ABSOLUTELY the best day. I cannot wait to marry my Prince Charming!

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