Kristen and Patrick

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How We Met

I met Patrick at one of my first office jobs in New York City. We were both new to NYC. He was so kind and funny and smart and we became friends quickly. I am a comedian and he would come out to my shows with mutual office colleagues and it was wonderful to see his face in the audience. We’d often end up out on the town with mutual friends from the office and as time went on I had these butterflies in my tummy around him but we never talked about it. There were some invitations from him that my schedule wouldn’t allow and looking back those may have been dates but overall I didn’t think he had any butterflies. One night we went out for drinks with our colleagues and as soon as he and I were the last two left at the last bar we had our first kiss. That’s when I realized we both felt the same way.

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How They Asked

I’m from Miami, Oklahoma. My brothers, a family friend Zach Graham and I are part of an improv comedy troupe and. The show is hosted by my dad and Patrick Ferris joined the team soon after everyone met him and couldn’t stop laughing at his dry humor. The show takes place at the Looney Saloon in the Stables Casino and each show we’ve performed has sold out.

In addition to comedy friends and family members we usually have friends and family members in the audience. As the show was ending my dad ( the host of the show) called me and Patrick to the stage for a final bit and Patrick took the mic. The whole time I thought it was a prank it still doesn’t seem real some days but on the days it feels real, I’m happy it is.

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