Kristen and Michael

Proposal Ideas Asheville, NC

How We Met

Michael and I met our freshman year at Monmouth University. We connected at a party one night over our love for the Green Bay Packers. We have been together ever since for the past 7 years.

how they asked

We took a trip with Mike’s family to Asheville, NC on August 4, 2018. Before the trip, I asked Mike not to propose (we have been together for 7 years so we were very open to discussing proposal ideas) because my family would not be there. Before arriving at our rental house, I went to the store with his mom and sister in law. Shopping took forever, we had to wait for a downpour to finish, and a tree fell in the stree on the way to the house. Once we finally got to the house I was not happy, but that was about to change. The rest of his family called us to the back deck and when I walked out the door and looked to my right, my parents, sister and brother in law were holding a banner that said “Kristen, will you marry me?” with Mike in front on one knee. I immediately started crying and screaming, I was in disbelief. He surprised me with my family (whose flight from NJ was cancelled and they made the 10 hour drive to make it). I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect proposal from the love of my life.

Kristen and Michael's Engagement in Asheville, NC