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How We Met

Matt and I are high school sweethearts. We have gone to school together since we were in the seventh grade and were really close friends for years. Our senior year, we began to hang out very often – mostly watching movies at his house. On New Years Eve, we went to a party together and I had a bit too much to drink (I don’t condone underage drinking). Matt hadn’t drank anything and he took me back to his house to watch the ball drop together before taking me home. He had no idea that I had been developing a rather large crush on him for the several weeks leading up to this night. We were watching the coverage of Times Square and in my drunken state, I asked Matt if we could go to the courthouse right that moment to get married. Of course, this spilled the beans about my crush. Matt had to let me down and explain that the courthouse wasn’t open at that time of night and we could not get married. Midnight finally came and Matt gave me a sweet kiss on the cheek before driving me home. He spent the next day thinking about my actions that night and realized that he liked me too. I got a call later on that day about something he “needed to tell me.” Every day after that we’ve spent together and its been nearly four years. New Years Eve has become my favorite holiday.

how they asked

On a normal Friday morning in October, I woke up and went to work like any other day. School had been really getting me down and I was hoping that I would finally have a good day. Everything was going as normal until 10:00 am when my boss silently handed me an envelope and then walked away. Inside was a letter that read: “Kristen, I have arranged for you to have the day off. Please go home to your apartment. I love you, Matt”

I struggled to drive home as I was nervous and shaky and just knew that he was waiting at my apartment with candles and flowers and on one knee. Of course, I was confused when I walked in the door and my apartment was empty. I checked inside my closet and behind the shower curtain just to be sure. I was wondering what was going on when I decided to just sit on the couch and wait. That’s when I noticed the next letter. This one was full of cash and read: “Kristen, Today is going to be a very special day. Have fun getting a manicure, pedicure, shopping, lunch…whatever your heart desires. Use the money however you want. At 7:40, please be dressed up and ready. Someone will arrive at your apartment to pick you up. Dinner will be at 8:30. I love you, Matt”

While thinking about what I wanted to do that day, I heard a knock on the door. On any other day, I wouldn’t answer without knowing who it is. But as the letter said, this was a special day, so I opened the door and can’t even describe the shock I felt after seeing my two best friends in the world from college, Hayley and Shaye, who I’ve only seen once this year. They both live several hours away, and despite plans and desires, had never made the trip to visit me in my hometown. When the shock wore off, the hysterical crying began. They announced that they were spending the day with me and asked where I wanted to start. They of course denied any knowledge of the proposal that I was expecting to come that night, and said that Matt just knew I was having a tough time lately and missed them.

We started at the nail salon where I got a pedicure and ignored their pleas to get manicures with them. They wanted me to have a fresh mani for the proposal but obviously couldn’t tell me that; the day before I had painted my nails my favorite color (Butter London’s All Hail the Queen) and stubbornly didn’t want it removed. Then we had a delicious lunch (and mimosas!) at a really great restaurant called Public House. The mall was next where I used the money from Matt to buy a dress to wear on our “normal date” that night and a second dress just because. It was only about 2:00 pm so we decided to do more shopping and drove downtown to some antique shops and had a blast together looking and talking and laughing and catching up on each others lives. Obviously the day wouldn’t be complete without a coffee break so we went to get latte’s at my favorite local coffee shop and laughed and talked even more. I then had to introduce the two big city girls (Hayley originally from Orlando, FL and Shaye from Las Vegas, NV) to some Texas Panhandle culture and took them to see the Cadillac Ranch. We took dozens of selfies before heading back to my apartment to relax and for me to start getting ready for the “date.” They devoted this entire time to convincing me that a proposal was NOT happening tonight every time I brought it up, which was incessantly.

I was fidgety and couldn’t sit still waiting for another knock on my door. At exactly 7:40, the knock came and Matt’s older brother and my really good friend, John, was standing outside with a grin on his face and a bouquet of red roses in his hands. After seeing John, every doubt vanished and I knew that it was THE night. I got into his car and a tablet and headphones were waiting for me with a video ready to start. I pressed play and music began playing – our favorite love songs. Matt wanted to include everyone that we love in the proposal and had every person in our family and all of our friends record a short clip of themselves telling me what loves means to them and what they think is special about mine and Matt’s relationship. There were plenty of laughs and tears and Matt, because he knows me so well, had a box of tissues right next to my seat.

Eighteen minutes of very sweet and meaningful comments later, I looked up and couldn’t see any buildings around me but plenty of lights a short distance in front of us. We pulled up onto a beautiful piece of property, full of gazebos and trees and flowers and lights strung everywhere. John offered me his arm and walked me a little ways and my eyes were scanning the area for Matt. Finally he popped out from a corner, looking so incredibly handsome in a gray suit, and took me from John and walked me toward one of the beautiful gazebos. He was too nervous to remember anything that he planned to say and simply told me how much he loved me, that I was his best friend, and pulled a box from his suit jacket and he bent down onto one knee and asked me if I would marry him. Of course I didn’t hesitate before saying yes and he put the ring on my finger (after asking me which finger was the right one). I didn’t need for him to give me a long speech, the whole day, and every day together for that matter, showed me how much he loved and cared about me.

We shared some kisses and then he pointed to a dark area where I then saw my sweet friend Darci, who happens to be an awesome photographer, coming out from her hiding spot and smiling behind her camera. We posed for a few pictures and then Matt told me that Hayley and Shaye, my parents, and his parents and siblings were waiting at one of my favorite restaurants to celebrate and eat dinner with us.

On our way to the restaurant, we ended up getting rear ended. Luckily, we were both wearing our seat belts and weren’t hurt, and Matt’s truck didn’t have much damage at all. We spent the next forty five minutes or so talking to police and other first responders (and showing off my ring!) and finally made it to the restaurant where we spent the next few hours surrounded by all the people we love as we were both giddy with happiness and and bursting with love for each other.

To say that we are excited about our life together just doesn’t quite cover it.

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