Kristen and Landry

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How We Met

Landry and I first met in our Intro to Old Testament class at East Carolina University. After a week or so of seat rearranging we found ourselves sitting next to each other, but we still didn’t speak. A couple weeks into class the professor asked if anyone brought their Bible and we were the only two to raise our hands. The professor then asked us if we dated in front of the whole class (we should really thank him for setting us up). After class that day Landry turned and introduced himself to me and we began to talk more and more. We eventually started hanging out and our relationship took off from there.

how they asked

Our first kiss took place in New Bern, NC. We went for a walk along the water after going to a concert there. After walking for a while we sat down on a bench and talked for a long time. While we were sitting there it started pouring rain and he kissed me. It was probably the most romantic moment of our lives until the engagement. P.S.- Nicholas Sparks lives in New Bern…how fitting.

Fast forward two and a half years later. My mom told me that she had to go to a family friend’s wedding in New Bern and I might as well ride with her so she could drop me off in Greenville on the way and I could spend time with Landry. I thought nothing of it because I knew the friend that was getting married and was excited to see my then boyfriend. A couple days before we went she asked if I wanted to get my nails done with her before because hers looked terrible. I of course said yes since she was offering to pay, but since I live so close to my mom this wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, just another mother/daughter date. Once I was in Greenville at Landry’s he said that he had made reservations for us in New Bern that night. When we got to New Bern he took my hand and said we were going on a walk. Once we got down to the water he told me he was going to go into the building behind us, but wanted me to read a letter. As he walked away I opened a letter that explained I was supposed to walk a couple more steps and then turn left, after that I would follow the arrows with my name on it and would know when I got to the end. I followed the arrows into a gazebo that had projector and screen set up with a note to press play on the video. In the video Landry revisited all places that were important in our relationship and talked about why they were in each one. The last place he visited was my old college apartment where he then said he had one more place from our relationship he wanted to visit, but would meet me there. When the video was over he was behind me and grabbed me and hugged me as I cried uncontrollably. He then told me we had to walk just a little further. He led me to the bench where we first kissed and read a verse from Ephesians then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I don’t know that I ever got the word yes out, but definitely shook my head as I continued to cry. He then told me a photographer (Cindy Schepers – she’s incredible) had taken pictures of the whole thing. We talked with the photographer and went out on one of the docks to take engagement pictures. After we were done with pictures we walked downtown to the restaurant our reservations were at and our families were there waiting for us at a table. It was the most perfect day.

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Special Thanks

Cindy Schepers
 | Photography