Pumpkin Proposal; Kristen and Kyle

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How We Met: I moved from Illinois to Mississippi when I was ten years old (13 years ago). My first friend in Mississippi a few months later said :hey man you have to meet my cousin.” So we met and I knew from that point she was the girl for me. We started dating and dated for about 2 years. Granted we were young – our love was for real and we were each other’s first loves. We obviously are very stubborn and were on and off for out middle school and high school years. When I turned 19, I moved back to Illinois and about a month later my grandmother passed away. We were separated at the time but she came up to Illinois for the funeral. This is where our love sparked back up big time. We started dating again and talked about getting engaged but I was ten hours away and she was going through school and she was stressed like crazy so it didn’t work. It broke my heart that we didn’t date for about a year. I moved back home and got into a terrible relationship and she was in one too. We didn’t talk much because our “dates” hated each of us.

One night, Kristen’s dog ran away and that’s when we knew we were being dumb and stubborn. We started dating again and we knew 100% we were meant for each other. We didn’t think we could fall in love anymore than we already are, but we fall in love with each other more and more everyday and we couldn’t be any happier. After 13 years of being in each other’s lives I finally asked my best friend and love of my life to marry me. Of course she could explain our 13 years a lot better but I’m a guy. What can I say (haha)…

how they asked: After a few months of talking about getting engaged I finally bought the ring. It was great because she expected it at first but then I got hot with medical bills so she thought I was broke and didn’t have money for the ring. So with all my courage I asked her dad for permission for marry his daughter. He smiled ear to ear and said welcome to the family. So that night trying to keep the secret I told her I was going to vomit when I had to talk to her dad. So a few weeks later we were laying in bed watching Halloween wars and I told her I wanted to carve some pumpkins. Trying to figure out how I’m going to propose, the idea popped in my head that night. She loves Halloween, she has a 5 year old niece, and I wanted to carve some pumpkins so I figured a pumpkin proposal would be the best choice.

I told her dad and sister about the idea and her dad staged a pumpkin carving contest for the whole family. So the day before I carved “will you marry me” into four pumpkins and had them ready for the contest. So the night of the contest we started to carve pumpkins like that was the only thing going on. Everyone knew the plan except for her. So the plan was I was going to call my mom and she was going to come and set the pumpkins up in front of the garage while all of us were carving in the garage. Everything went to plan. We finished carving the pumpkins and were going outside to light them up, her father opened the garage, she seen the marry me pumpkins and turned around to me on my knee. I asked her to marry me and with tears of joy she said yes!
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