Kristen and Justin

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How We Met: Justin and I met on a blind double date back in 2005. He originally was not my date for the night; at the end of the night we all exchanged our yahoo IM names. We talked for a few months when he finally asked me to be his girlfriend on June 27, 2006. We have been together ever since.

how they asked: It’s cute really, he tried to make the whole ordeal seem like it was my idea. On Monday night, February 3, 2014, we were laying in bed looking at Facebook when he found these pictures a girl had taken of her clients in the snow and asked me to look at them. When I saw the picture, I asked if he would take pictures with me in the snow; he said no ( he hates taking pictures). I left it at that and went to bed. The next morning we were trying to figure out what our plans were for the day; since everything was shut down due to the snow, ie: work and school.. He asked me if I still wanted to take pictures in the snow that afternoon? Of course, I was excited, I immediately made an appointment with her. We went about our day as usual until it came time to take our pictures. We took a few pictures here and there, up by a tree, wrapped in a blanket; you know, all the poses I liked on Pinterest of couples in the snow I wanted to do. The last pose we were doing, we were laying on our stomachs on a blanket with our feet hanging off and into the snow, so Shaylee (our photographer) knew how cold we were, snapped a few pictures and said “Okay, that’s good, you can get up.”

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I am about to jump up when I hear Justin say “NO! Wait!”…… ” “Kristen Dawn…..” (I am thinking I am in trouble for something, lol probably for making him take so many pictures.) When I hear Shaylee gasp and say “OH MY GOODNESS!”, that is when I looked down and saw that he had my engagement ring in his had…. He continued “Kristen Dawn Carlin.. I love you, Will you marry me?” I was so excited and happy that I started to cry.

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I was in total shock that he was so considerate to make sure that we had pictures taken of that special moment for me to cherish forever. I feel so incredibly blessed and overwhelmed with happiness.

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Photos by Country Charm Photography by Shaylee Rose Kay