Kristen and Jeremy

Jj and I attended a family reunion on my Dad’s side this summer. We spent the weekend in upstate NY with family, and planned to enjoy the city just the two of us before heading back to the PNW. I had never been to NYC and J had only been once before, when he was much younger.

After our first wonderful day in the city, Jj mentioned he wanted to visit Central Park. Of course, I did too since I had never been. He mentioned he had checked out a few spots on Google Maps and saw a bridge that was really neat looking, Bow Bridge. We stopped and got popsicles, laughed, sat in the sun and slowly strolled towards Bow Bridge. As we gotunnamed-4closer, he emphatically yelled – ITS UNDER CONSTRUCTION?! NOOOO!!!!! Hahaha. If you know Jj, you know he can be the most expressive person ever, but like really randomly when it doesn’t make sense to be so expressive. I was super confused why he was SO upset that the bridge we were planning to simply walk across had plywood flooring instead of cobblestone… but I forgot about it and we crossed the bridge anyways.

We stopped about halfway across to look at the view of the water and city across Central Park. It was perfect. Peaceful and romantic. Jj stood behind me and started telling me all these nice things in my ear about how he loves me, wants to spend his life with me… and my heart began pounding. Could this really be that moment?! I could feel him behind me getting nervous, taking a big gulp. Starting to say something and then stopping. The suspense was killing me!! I panicked. “Where is the Empire State Building?! Can you see it from here, you think?”…. I randomly changed the subject out of nervousness. J

Ever patient, he said “Kristen, I have no idea where the Empire State building is from here. Anyways… I love you.” He turned me around to see him down on one knee. He pulled the most beautiful ring I have EVER seen in my entire life out of his pocket and I’m fairly positive the first thing I said was “are you serious?!” and then a few seconds later, “of course!!!!” and we kissed a very very happy kiss. It was surreal. I think it took me a solid hour to really comprehend what happened. I am so incredibly blessed to have had this guy walk into my life and I can honestly say I fall more in love with him every day of our engagement. We can’t wait to begin our real life fairy tale together next year, and live happily ever after!!!




Engagement Photos by Hannah Fine