Kristen and Jay

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How We Met

We actually went to high school together, but I didn’t really know who Jay was outside of the girl he was dating at that time. This is in no way stating I was cool, but we flew in different social circles. I was actually snap-chatting one of his roommates when he spotted my photo and said something (I’m sure almost identical to this—WOW this is THE most beautiful woman to grace the earth—may be an exaggeration 😂, but I did catch his attention). He messaged me on Facebook and asked for my Snapchat and ultimately my number. We talked nonstop before Jay made the trip to Alabama. Almost 6 years later and we are about to get married!

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How They Asked

Jay’s proposal was one for the books. After 5 years, a dog, and two houses, I was READY. I every so kindly hinted this each day—hoping a proposal was in sight. Little did I know, Jay would exceed every expectation. He started taking me on dates where I had to dress up to throw me off. He had dates booked for three months in advance!! Each date, he would pull a “Jim” from the office. He would pretend to get down on one knee only to tie his shoe, or to stretch. One date even included a scavenger hunt around Houston! Jay had a brunch for his boss’s birthday outside at the Houston Arboretum set for July 10th.. We got out and started walking through the Arboretum.

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We get to this beautiful lake filled with lily pads. I say, “This is beautiful. We should get a picture here.” As I say that. He is down on one knee. Tired of his shenanigans, I tell him “get up!!!” He fiddles in his pocket and yells “Cece!” my best friend’s name and she comes running out of the bushes. Now he has a tiny box in his hand. Me: “Wait? For real?!?” Completely shocked. He asks me the question I had been waiting months to hear and I said Yes!!! Jay had orchestrated a hidden photographer to catch the big moment and the excitement after! What an incredible day. He surprised me later that evening with a surprise engagement party with our closest friends and family. A perfect end to a perfect day.

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