Kristen and Jared

how they asked: I love to run and run a lot of road races during the year. The race that got me hooked was the Nike Women’s Marathon. I have run it the past four years. At the end of the race you get a Tiffany’s Necklace handed to you by a firefighter wearing a tux! Hello, why wouldn’t any girl love it!

My Fiance is normally waiting on the sideline cheering me on but this year when I came to the finish line I didn’t see him around where he normally wait. I didn’t see him anywhere. Right before I crossed the finish line, I saw him step out on the red carpet in a tux. He had arranged with Nike to be there so he could propose to me as soon as I crossed the finish line. It was the best race of my life and even though I didn’t win, I walked away with the best prize!

Image 1 of Kristen and Jared