Kristen and Gregg

How We Met: Gregg and I first met at a college party my last semester at Florida State University through mutual friends. A few months passed and Gregg and I crossed paths again at a Relay for Life fundraiser I was participating in. I extended a last minute invite to him and a few of his friends to come on our sorority date function to an Atlanta Braves game that weekend.

Image 1 of Kristen and Gregg

The entire bus ride there and back we sat across from each other and the conversation never stopped, even at 3am on the way home. We laughed about our favorite scenes from The Office, played games and you could tell right of the bat (literally) that there was “something” there.

The next month, as I was preparing to leave for London to study abroad for 2 months, he asked me to be his girlfriend, knowing he wouldn’t get to see me for 8 whole weeks. After about 60 or more Skype “dates” from thousands of miles away, he picked me up from the airport when I arrived home in July 2014 and it was like nothing had changed. We have been in love ever since.

how they asked: Gregg and I went on a vacation with my family to The Ritz Carlton Amelia Island for July 4th weekend. I grew up spending almost every July 4th there, and I was so excited to show Gregg how great the resort was. We enjoyed 3 full days of walking on the beach, corn hole matches, throwing the football, playing pool, and having one too many beers.

Finally, July 4th came and there was a fireworks show set for 9:15 that night. Gregg and I were on the balcony and the fireworks began. Naturally, I was taking pictures and videos of the show until he took my hand, took my phone and turned me around. He got down on one knee and started crying and proposed (insert more crying, now from both of us).

Image 2 of Kristen and Gregg

It was the best moment of my entire life and a huge surprise. My whole family knew and were there to congratulate us. Gregg is my whole world and the man I can’t wait to watch reruns of The Office with for the rest of our lives.