Kristen and Greg

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How We Met

Six months prior to finally agreeing to meet, our mutual friend tried to set us up. We both declined saying we weren’t ready.

Fast forward six months later, we finally agreed to meet after grilling our friend on each other. It was a snowy night when Greg came to pick me up. We went to a small, local restaurant in town and sat at an intimate table.

Before long, we were talking like best friends. Maybe we were comfortable or maybe it was the wine! The restaurant was empty by the time we left. It was snowing on our way home when Greg looked over at me at a red light. In that moment, I knew he was something very special. We’ve spent everyday together since.

how they asked

We were headed to a local restaurant when Greg commented on us being “too early.” We were 5 minutes early. He suggested to drive to the lake to kill some time. Clearly, I thought he was nuts.

We got to the lake, where Greg suggested we take a walk to the water’s edge. I commented on how it was a nice night for all the photographers to be taking pictures of wildlife. Little did I know, they were all there for me…

We we got to the water when Greg turned to me, grabbed my hands, and told me we weren’t headed to dinner. He began telling me about our love, friendship, and devotion to one another. With tears in our eyes, he got down on one knee and asked me for my love and to be his wife.

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Through the tears, I managed to get out a “duh!” before jumping into his arms.

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