Kristen and Glen

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How We Met

Glen & I went to the same University in Texas our freshman year but somehow never crossed paths despite having numerous friends in common. 3 years later during my Senior year I noticed a cute guy in my suggestions on Instagram and that he had all the same friends as me. Being the bold person I am, I followed him and never thought of him again. A few months later, I received a DM and thought “who is this random guy asking for my number?” I soon realized who he was and very romantically thought “sure why not?” A few weeks later, he took me out on a date and I knew from then on that this guy was special and that he would be in my life for a very long time.

how they asked

Two years later my family was planning a trip to Washington DC. Since it is one of my favorite places to visit and I was a political science major at the time, I asked Glen if he would like to tag along, but he didn’t seem too interested. So I packed my bags and off I went! My parents & I landed pretty late and they immediately requested to go see the Lincoln Memorial since it is so beautiful at night. Despite being extremely tired and wanting to shower, I obliged. As we got out of our taxi I was immediately approached by someone from the “visitors center” and they asked if they could take some pictures of me for their Facebook page. I politely told them “no, thank you” and continued up the steps. My mother acted as if I was being entirely rude and convinced me to let them take some pictures. They took me to the top of the steps and around the corner and told me to face away from Lincoln and towards the reflection pond across the street so they could get some shots from behind.

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I did as I was told and when it seemed that they were done, I turned around to find Glen walking up to me and getting on one knee. Shock and confusion swept over me as I tried to process the moment and what he was doing there. I quickly said “YES” and realized that 1. My fiance is a great liar 2. My parents are big fat liars and 3. The photographers did not work for the “visitors center” but were hired by Glen to surprise me. I am a hard person to surprise so I was equally impressed and offended that he was even able to pull one over on me much less plan it from 8 states away! We got married on December 17th, and every moment with him since has been just as exciting as the day he asked me to marry him. I am so grateful to have a man that never ceases to surprise me, even if it means flying 1,500 miles to do so.

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