Kristen and Garrett

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How We Met

We met in college about 5 years ago! He transferred to the college about two years after I started, so he was a new face on our small campus. We met at a party, but parted ways afterwards. I thought he was so funny and attractive, plus he was a baseball player (my favorite)! We randomly kept bumping in to each other on campus the following week. I felt like it was fate pushing us to see each other, so through a mutual friend we were able to reconnect the next weekend! It was an instant connection and we haven’t been apart since then.

how they asked

In summer, we planned a trip to Paris in January. It was going to be our first international trip together. I made most of our itinerary, so Garrett’s job was to plan dinner for our last two nights. On our second to last day, Garrett wanted us to go to the Trocadero for a view of the Eiffel Tower before dinner. This was one of our only rainy days and we had dressed nice for dinner, so I was complaining that we just HAD to walk around the Trocadero in that weather. He headed us toward this covered walking path area and we slowed down to take a selfie with our view of the Eiffel Tower. He then started talking about how we needed to keep traveling together for the rest of our lives, but there was something else we had to do first. He started getting down on one knee. I was confused at first but pretty much blacked out from excitement. Afterwards, I finally noticed the secret photographer hired to capture the whole moment!

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