Kristen and Frank

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How We Met

We met through a mutual friend on Fat Tuesday 4 years ago in February. Drinks were involved and so was river dancing. We concluded the evening with Jack-in-the-box egg rolls and a walk through the drive-through, without a car. They insisted this wasn’t allowed but somehow, Frank (my fiance), convinced the teller to sell him egg rolls because as in true Frank fashion, he made them laugh, which is the foundation of our relationship (laughing, not egg rolls!).

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Anyways, a couple weeks went by and we meet up again on St. Patrick’s Day. I had a flat tire in the morning while running errands and called Frank to the rescue. After that, as they say, everything is history. We’ve traveled extensively together and enjoy each others company, good food, long hikes, our fur babies (3 – 2 dogs/1 cat) and living on the tropical paradise, Maui, we call home.

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how they asked

We got engaged on September 18th, 2018. Originally (and I found out later) the plan was for Frank to propose on my birthday (Sept. 14th) but plans didn’t work (thankfully, since getting engaged on your birthday is kinda lame) Oh, did I mention, I’m a wedding planner?

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Anyways, minor detail but the next day we had off turned into a full days excursion. We went surfing in the morning, had lunch and just enjoyed exploring the island together. We stopped at a few places but the timing wasn’t right for Frank, then finally at our last stop, we circumnavigated almost the entire island until we arrived at our destination, Iao Valley.

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It was after we hiked down to our own private pool in the river with a waterfall in the background when Frank asked “are you ready to do this forever?”, then pulled out the ring. I was so excited, I didn’t hear anything else. I didn’t even hear him ask me “will you marry me”, so after the initial excitement subsided, I got mad and said, “you didn’t even ask me to marry you” which Frank responded, “I did, you just didn’t hear me.” We then laughed, cried, and hugged each other and decided to wait till we got home to share the good news.

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We’ve decided to have a long engagement and are waiting to get married till April 29th, 2019 (as that is my slower season) but I’m excited to be a bride, not just plan the wedding.

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