Kristen and Eddy

how we met

Eddy and I first met at work at the Eldorado Casino. I was a bartender and he was a server at La Strada. Every once in a while I bunch of us would get together for drinks after work. One night he walked my to my car. He texted me to make sure I got home ok and said “if not then I’ll fly you to the moon.” Quoting Frank Sinatra on the first night. Won me over.

how they asked

Eddy had a work dinner in San Fransisco and told me it had been changed to the weekend. The company always puts him up in a hotel so he said I should go. He arranged for our daughter to sleep over at his brothers so we could it could be just the two of us. We first went to Big Basin Redwood State Park. I was sure he was going to propose underneath a big redwood tree… but nope! We then went to our hotel to get ready. I was just going to go grab a drink somewhere while he was at his dinner. He told me it was at the Buena Vista Cafe. It finally clicked… that’s where they make the famous Irish coffees! Eddy and I used to always drink Irish coffees when we first started dating. When we got there I left to go exploring while he had his dinner with his boss. Five minutes later he called me and told me to come back. He had a table saved for us with two Irish coffees. The entire trip was for me! I was in tears. It was the best surprise. He said he lied about it because he knew I wouldn’t want to go and spend the money if it was just for us. He walked on the beach then went to a few bars. He had the ring in his pocket the entire time but he still didn’t propose! The next day we back to Fisherman’s Warf for lunch. By this time I had forgotten any idea of him proposing. We headed back to the car, walked across a bridge to the parking garage and he stopped and said we should take a picture. That’s when he said, “I know it’s not a gas station in the rain,” (from The Office, one of our favorite shows) and asked me to marry him. The first person I wanted to call was my mom. She passed away in March of last year. Eddy told me he had the ring then and planned to propose to me there with my mom. The week I went home before she passed he had to work and didn’t make it in time. He said it never felt right after that and that’s why he waited so long.

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