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This Christmas my family decided to go to Disney World. Since I work on Christmas and Dylan was with his family we flew in the day after Christmas to meet my family. On the 27th we got to Magic Kingdom as soon as it opened.

Right at the entrance there was a lady who had buttons including one that said happily ever after; I asked her for one but she told me i had to of just gotten married or engaged, so i was a little sad. Well that day was a filled with running all over the park so I was exhausted.

Once we finished our last ride that night we were headed to take one last family photo and finally sit down. Then Dylan told me he had a change of plans and that he wanted us to meet up with some friend who were there.

I got so mad, literally in tears, because I was looking forward to just sitting down to watch the fireworks. Dylan had to beg me to walk up main street to meet them and take a different picture; he kept saying that he had a specific pose that he wanted to do. Well me already being mad I told him “what it is not like you are going to propose”.

Of course at the time I was being sarcastic because I thought it would be awhile to get engaged. Finally it was our turn to take a the picture in front of Cinderella’s Castle. we took one group photo and then it was Dylan’s and I turn. He made me turn around and he would tell me when to turn back around. When I turned back around there Dylan was down on one knee with the ring of my dreams.

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I was in total shock that this moment was finally real! I said YES and we hugged and kiss.

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Then when he got up I realized that a crowd had gathered around us who were all cheering for us and the one photographer turned into three. My mom surprised me with the “Happily Ever After” buttons i had been wanting all day and personalize Minnie Mouse ears for my engagement. December 27, 2016 was the best day of my life and I cant wait for our wedding day.

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