Kristen and Danny's Kitchen Table Proposal

How We Met

We met in New Orleans working together at an upscale nightclub/venue.

how they asked

When we moved into our new house we needed a new dining room table to fit the space. We decided to build one together that would last throughout the years. We imagined raising children around that table, saying prayers and creating many memories. Danny took the lead and I assisted when I could. Since I was pregnant I was unable to be around the chemicals for the finishing touches. When then table was finished Danny sat me down at it to watch the “tutorial video”. I was hungry and trying to multitask getting ready to go to dinner. He was like it can wait just watch. Little did I know he was filming. When the tutorial changed directions I began crying because I though he was just trying to add meaning to the table. The end was a complete surprise! It’s best to watch the video because it speaks more than I can put into words. I never imagined I’d be so lucky to have a man do this for me.

Image 1 of Kristen and Danny Talbot

Image 2 of Kristen and Danny Talbot

Our Video