Kristen and Danny

Image 1 of Kristen and Danny

How We Met

I always knew who Danny was and we had many mutual friends. A friend had asked me to play a game of Indoor Soccer for her team and as I got there I saw Danny playing there as well. We both said hello to each other after the game as I was leaving. The next day Danny had messaged me on Facebook and we spoke all night. A few weeks went by and he had asked me to go for a coffee with him, we went out for dinner a few times after that. A couple of months went by and on the 25th of April 2018 we went back to his house after a night out and he had set up a few candles and had a handwritten letter on the bedside table asking me to be his girlfriend.

How They Asked

Danny had told me he had booked us a weekend away in Sydney as he normally does, he told me that he made a reservation for us at a fancy restaurant but wouldn’t tell me where. We got to the hotel and had to start getting ready for dinner, we parked the car on a street and we walked on a path towards a rotunda.

Image 2 of Kristen and Danny

As we walked up the stairs there was a red carpet with rose petals, candles, and some greenery with the view of the harbor bridge. At the end of the carpet, there were big block letters that had said Marry Me.

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Image 4 of Kristen and Danny

Special Thanks

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