Kristen and Daniel

How We Met

I’m a wedding photographer & I was shooting a wedding when I met Dan. Dan was a guest, but didn’t even know the bride or the groom! He came as a stand in date for one of the bridesmaid’s husband who works with Dan, but was away for a course. The bridesmaid, Skylar, & I went to high school together and she introduced us this night. I was under the weather and really didn’t feel like being set up after just going through a rough breakup so I just gave him my business card. He called a few days later & we had instant chemistry. We knew we were meant for each other & the rest is history. I went back thru my images from the wedding & found a test shot where Danny is in the background! I remember thinking, “who is this cutie in the red pants??” We are actually getting married at the location where we met!

Where to Propose in in our home

how they asked

Dan and I are homebodies for sure. We were just relaxing at the house watching one of our shows on netflix and he was cooking his famous made from scratch buffalo chicken pizza — which is my favorite!! He pulled the pizza out of the oven and asked me to come get a slice! I turned the corner to see him & our golden retriever, Harvey! He had made a sign and put it around Harvey’s neck that read “will you marry dad?”. Danny got down on one knee, both of us in tears, and asked me to marry him! It was the easiest question I’ve ever answered! & how can you resist Harvey?

Special Thanks

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