Kristen and Damian

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How We Met

Not so long ago I was sitting reading my book at City Oyster in Delray Beach when a guy sat a seat away from me. The bartender, Tim, introduced me to this fellow…I just thought, “Ugh can’t I just read my book in peace?!” Well, Damian and I began chatting away about cattle drives, skydiving, and my soap company (of course I gave him my business card), his job and how much he travels with work. We had several drinks together at City Oyster then we headed to another bar to have margaritas! The next thing we know it’s hours later and it’s far past the time to be out. So, I politely suggested it might be time to call it an evening, said good night, gave him a hug and headed home. The next day I got an email to my soap company from Damian, checking on his behavior from the night before.

I quickly replied “You were a perfect gentleman!”. With that answer, Damian suggest it might impact his bad-boy image. I replied, “what bad boy image?!” Lol. It wasn’t until about three months later, when we accidentally crossed paths late one night. Our eyes locked on each other, Damian did a slow look-back at me and at that moment I knew something just happened between us!!! Something very special. I got another email from Damian a few days later, after we crossed paths… he said he was back in town. At that point I thought “no kidding…?! You don’t say?!” At this point, I was not going to let him off the hook. ;-) After that we had our first date at 3rd & 3rd! Since then we have been inseparable!

how they asked

My family had built a house in the lower part of Michigan where we would spend every weekend there as I was growing up. It has always been a VERY special place for me. My mom’s ashes are spread there too so it’s very close to my heart. This past past summer we were visiting my family at “the cottage” and Damian asked me for a date night.

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I thought that it was a little strange and odd, but I agreed. It was when he was carrying down champagne and glasses to the boat I KNEW something was up. Just before sunset, while out on the middle of the lake he told me how much he loved me before getting on bent knee with his moms ring!

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