Kristen and Brian


How We Met

Brian and I met through a mutual friend. It was completely God’s timing and direction. We couldn’t resist the inevitable chemistry and the beautiful balance we brought to each other’s lives. Our first date was a simple yet romantic evening. He asked me to dinner with another couple, less of a dinner date more of a “let’s grab dinner and this little place”. “Ok, sounds cool”. It was completely premeditated as I later found out, he is so sneaky!

We enjoyed dinner at a “hole in the wall” called AmeriAsia. He casually paid for my dinner and the “other friends” left. We decided to take a walk over the Roebling bridge that connected Kentucky to Ohio. WOW if this wasn’t a literal picture of our future I’m not really sure what could have been. We walked and talked and then it began to rain. We continued. Looking back I don’t know how that could have been any more perfect. We weren’t looking for it and that didn’t matter.

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I’ll set the scene…

It was a cold, rainy Monday night in Cincinnati OH. However, it wasn’t just any regular night it was Monday Night football; a home game against the rival Pittsburgh Steelers! The wet and cold weather didn’t matter because the city was lit up with excitement. As I walked out near the end of my seventh season as a Cincinnati Ben-Gal Cheerleader I felt the energy of the stadium and I was filled with emotion. I had no idea what was about to happen…


The first half came and went and we took the field again. It was the third quarter. The rain was cold. The crowd was fierce. I was dancing and all of the sudden I WAS UP ON THE JUMBOTRON. I was being announced as the 2018 Pro Bowl Cheerleader. I absolutely couldn’t believe it! This was a moment that I had dreamed of and the highest honor as an NFL cheerleader. I hugged my closest friends and coaches!

I posed on the sideline as my director took a picture to send to my boyfriend Brian seated across the football field. He and my brother were there and I couldn’t wait to share my excitement with them!! The game ended with a loss and we headed back to the locker room! Cold and wet we were called to sit together as a team while we celebrated the season. I was lost in the moment. I sat attentively as my Director toasted…could my heart be any more full?

Behind me, the staff created a flowered walkway and my teammates made an aisle. Brian walked up behind me and got on one knee. My heart stopped, I think. This was literally THE BEST DAY EVER! December 4th, 2017 was so special. I am beyond thankful for the videos and photos and cannot do the proposal justice…you’ll just have to watch!

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