Kristen and Andy

Kristen's Proposal in A friends farm

Andy and I met through mutual friends at a bar. We started talking and really hit it off, and we started dating shortly after. Andy and I both knew we wanted to marry the other, but I had no idea he had purchased a ring. Fast forward to 4th of July and we are out at a friends farm lighting off fireworks and having a great time. The song “American soldier” by Toby Keith was playing in the background and our friend suggested that we light off fountains to that song. So myself, and two friends go to light off fountains and when I got up to run away, Andy was down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I was in total shock and just kept asking if this was real! As if it was a movie, as soon as I said yes, the fountains were going off in full effect! It was the most amazing thing ever, and I was just so happy I was crying! I never would have guessed that was how Andy would propose, I had no idea he was planning it! I love him with all my heart, and I cannot wait to marry him!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in A friends farm

Special Thanks

Krystal Lloyd
 | Planning
Dustin Lloyd
 | Videographer
Darrin Lloyd
 | Photographer