Kristen and Andrew

Image 1 of Kristen and Andrew

How We Met: It all started with our parents, as my parents and Andrew’s parents were friends since before my parents were engaged. They knew each other through our former church, and my dad worked for his dad’s landscaping business. Our families stayed in contact all through the years, and, with another family, began a tradition of eating dinner all together about once a month, as well as, once in a while, traveling for a few weeks of the summer. To make a long story short, I grew up playing with Andrew, his older sister, and the two other kids. Even though we saw each other every month, Andrew is four years older (which is pretty significant at that age) and the two of us grew apart as we got involved with our own interests and social lives. I still saw Andrew’s parents, but he and I didn’t really keep in touch.

Fast forward to 2009….Andrew got in contact with me when he was looking for a guitar player for a worship team he was trying to put together. He had heard about my guitar playing through his dad. (his parents were sneakily trying to set us up….we found this out later!). I very nervously called his number to say that I was interested in playing (it was our first time talking in forever), and we organized a time to meet so he could give me sheet music. At that meeting, we ended up talking for easily about two hours in the church parking lot. I could tell that he was definitely interested and from then on, he would ask me to go to group things with him often, introducing me to a lot of his friends.

I had actually just broken up with another boy so I was wary about starting another relationship, but nevertheless, we ended up spending a lot of time together and ended up having a lot of fun with each other. On December 4, he asked my dad for permission to date me (which i thought was SUPER sweet!!) and then asked me out. this involved a trail of roses which I had to follow…it was very romantic. We both sometimes think it’s strange, because as kids playing with each other, we NEVER would have guessed that someday…we’d be dating.. and…

how they asked (as told by their photographer, Jamie Delaine)
Image 5 of Kristen and Andrew

Andrew had organized for local singer-songwriter Marc Ross to sing a few of kristen’s favourite songs on a street corner. Kristen thought she and Andrew were going out for dinner with friends and when they pulled up at 6:30, Andrew checked his texts (to find one from me, saying I was in station across the street!).

He told Kristen that the friends said they were running late, so he asked to go for a walk. At about 6:32, I saw Kristen and Andrew walking hand-in-hand towards me. They crossed the street… smiling, laughing, but Kristen had no idea. They stopped on the corner and Andrew held onto both sides of kristen’s face… then her shoulders.. then back to her face.

Image 2 of Kristen and Andrew

They stood there like that for a few minutes, until Andrew mustered up the courage to reach into his pocket and pull out that little box. He got down on one knee and Kristen’s hands flew to her face in shock.

Image 3 of Kristen and Andrew

At this point, kristen was so completely infatuated – she was an excited, squealing, giggling girl (and Andrew wasn’t much different) that she had NO idea I was across the street. She was much too into the man about to be her husband… I got a little bolder and walked closer and closer as they danced together as a newly engaged happy couple!

Image 4 of Kristen and Andrew

“Now the sky could be blue, I don’t mind
Without you it’s a waste of time”
[Strawberry Swing by Coldplay was playing during the dance]

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Photography by Vancouver Wedding Photographer Jamie Delaine