Kristen and Alex

Image 1 of Kristen and Alex

How We Met

We originally matched on tinder. We started talking and followed eachother on social media. He asked me out on a date but I never responded. About a month or so later I saw a photo he posted on Instagram. I thought who is this guy? He’s really cute! Then I remembered he asked me on a date and I never responded to him. I decided to dm him on Instagram and ask if the date was still on the table. I’m sure you can guess his response… Our first date was the first time we met and it was without a doubt love at first sight.

How They Asked

Alex told me his work friends were in town and wanted to go to dinner at the hotel they were staying at. I had no suspicions until we got to the hotel and he started walking to the pool instead of the hotel. I asked him if he was lost and told him to call his friend. He picked up his phone to call and said no one answered.. but I didn’t see him dial a number. He just picked it up and pretended to call someone. He then took my hand and said “let’s keep walking”. We turned the corner and he said “okay I have a confession.. we aren’t here to meet friends for dinner”. I looked up and saw this beautiful tree and a ‘Marry Me’ sign. We walked up to the tree and he got down on one knee. Added bonus: his cousin and my future sister-in-law who I am super close with we’re hiding in the bushes the whole time. They came early to help set up and wanted to stay to watch it all. It was perfect.