Kristen and Alessandro

how they asked: My fiancé and I have been together for five years. We met in college out on Long Island at a party. I come from NJ and he comes from CT so for the majority of our relationship we have taken many train rides and car rides to see each other and we’ve always made it work. Montauk is a special place to us as within 6 months of dating we went out there to go apple picking and go see the light house. It was the perfect fall day the weather was beautiful and everything seemed to go our way.

We’ve gone back a few times over the years but nothing seems to compare to that day until September 5 of this year. We went out there to go Shark diving but sadly due to weather our dive was cancelled. We decided to hit the beach and relax. When the sun was starting to set we decided to head up to the light house. As we sat out looking at the ocean my fiancé said “I have a gift for you!”. He pulled out this beautiful photo album of all the memories we have collected for the years and with a note on the last page. The final sentence said “my place is now forever in your arms”.

He then pulled out a shell where the ring was sitting inside this small cloth and got got down on one knee.

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He spoke how this place was not only special to us but to my parents as this is where my dad proposed to my mom. It was the best and most beautiful moment of my life.

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It’s very hard to surprise me but this time I was totally caught off guard.

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Our friend Steve was hiding in the bushes taking photos and did amazing job! Shout out to Steve and his awesome gf Adrienne! Our story isn’t like everyone else’s we did get the traditional dating and have racked up some serious miles to be with each other. But it was and is all worth it because now I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.

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