Kristen and Alex

Kristen's Proposal in Cabo, Mexico

How We Met

Alex and I met our senior year of high school through friends, although we went to different schools. He chased me for a while until he officially asked me to be his girlfriend February 22, 2014. We graduated high school, adopted a puppy, found our careers and grew into young adults, all by each other’s side.

Kristen and Alex's Engagement in Cabo, Mexico

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Cabo, Mexico

How They Asked

We went on vacation to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to celebrate our five year anniversary of when we started dating. Alex asked me if I watched to go watch the sunrise the morning of our anniversary so we woke up early and headed to the beach. There was a lot of people there watching the sunrise as well so we went down to the shore so it was just the two of us. We sat on a blanket at 6:45 am and watched as the sun rose over the ocean. A couple minutes later he called my name and I looked over to see him holding a ring and saying “Will You Marry Me?”. Through some tears I said “Yeah!”. We had breakfast on the beach that morning as we sat together blissfully. I still can’t belive after 5 years I get to marry my high school sweetheart!