Kristelle and Choco

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How We Met

Choco and I knew of each other probably since we were 5 years old. We went to the same kindergarten and elementary school together but went our separate ways after that. We kept some communication through the years although sporadically.

In 2018, I was already working as a flight attendant and had a trip to Orange County, CA and I thought he lives around the area. It turned out, that his AirForce base was about a two-hour drive away! He still came to see me and we made a day out of it. He took me on a cute, wholesome date at a pumpkin patch and museum. We picked up right where we left off as if no time has passed! Our conversations just flowed naturally. He eventually pursued me after that despite our bicoastal long distance.

How They Asked

On a trip to Italy in May 2022, we accompanied Choco’s mom to visit some of their relatives who live in Rome. The two of us took a side trip to Positano—a destination I’ve always wanted to visit! The Amalfi Coast is definitely one of the most romantic destinations we’ve both ever been to.

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We didn’t have the best weather that morning but as we made our way down to the beach, everything happened still so perfectly. The photographer made sure the rain wouldn’t be a problem! We have seen so many places together in our almost four-year relationship and I know he is the one I want to see the rest of this world with.

Special Thanks

Andrea Galluci
 | Photographer