Krista-Lee and Benjamin

How We Met

I was working at a local pub (East Village) when this handsome young stud called me over and started chatting to me. If you ask him…. he says I was smiling at him all night! He eventually asked for my phone number and I politely told him “ sorry too young for me” then gave him a giggle and off I went!

Where to Propose in Gregoire Lake

3 months later, he came back to the pub and was determined! I eventually gave in (I mean how could I not, have you seen how dreamy he is!)

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Gregoire Lake

We went on a few dates and out of no where decided to book a trip to Mexico. Crazy ? Yes! Everyone who knew us thought we were nuts! We barely knew each other. We went to Mexico together a month after exchanging numbers. Best trip of my life! And I guess they say “the rest is history”

how they asked

So it all started with me entering our names to win a free photo shoot by a local photographer. (Megan Ewald). When we didn’t get chosen I was dramatic (typical me) and Ben sort of just laughed it off. Little did I know, he contacted Megan and set up a plan. A week later I received a message from Megan saying “she didn’t see our entry till now, and she SO would have picked us, and she will keep us in mind for future shoots.” Well, I was smiling ear to ear, I knew she would have picked us, I told Ben.

2 weeks later she messaged me again with a fishing at the beach idea! I quickly told Ben that we are going to be models in a free photo shoot! It just so happened it was raining the day of the shoot. Me being me wasn’t going to let that stop our photo shoot “we got chosen for”. Meanwhile Ben had set this whole thing up and I had no idea I was planning our outfits and doing my makeup and hair for my OWN PROPOSAL!!!!

We get down to the beach and she tells us to pretend like we are fishing. Ben cast the rod as I stood in my polka dot rubber boots with my clear umbrella. He reels the line in and tells me to read the hook. It says “ you are the biggest catch of my life, will you marry me” I look over and there he is, down on one knee in the pouring rain, asking for my hand in marriage. I was crying happy mess :) it was beyond perfect.

And the best part is the whole thing was captured by the photographer!

Special Thanks

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