Krista and Spencer

How We Met

Spencer and I met on May 29th of 2016. Yes, the same date in which he asked me to marry him this year. We met at a little island in Ohio called Put-n-bay. My friend had mentioned a few of her buddies had rooms for the weekend and had space available if we wanted to go. This way was out of my comfort zone but something told me to do it! The first night we met we were holding hands within a few hours. We immediately had a connection. Every since we’ve been inseparable!

how they asked

The story is very special to our hearts from beginning to end. Spencer and I lived in Pittsburgh, PA for a few months in winter 2016-2017. On January 2nd, 2017, we got a call that Spencer’s mother was not doing very well and that we had to hurry. We rushed to Cleveland Ohio where she had been life-lighted and said our last goodbyes. This was a very sudden death that was very hard to handle. Spencer’s mother left him one thing. A 1.2 carat diamond ring to use for his future wife. Also, her wishes were to be spread over Lake Tahoe which was her favorite place in the entire world! Spencer and her had lived there for a few summer months way back in the day and that’s where she was happiest. After her death, I looked at flights that would lead us into Reno so that we could fulfill her wishes and spread her ashes at the lake.

Later on during the same week that she passed in January, I got a LinkedIn message from a recruiter looking to speak with me about an opportunity with a great student housing company out of Chicago! I don’t think I ever once checked that inbox until that day. I spoke with him, a regional manager in the company, and a VP of new development. They all decided I was a good fit and flew me out to Chicago to meet the team.

Although, that is not where the job would lead us. I was told there were a few new properties that could use my assistance but they had Reno in mind for me. I was at a loss for words. We took it as a sign and picked up and moved to Reno two weeks after that!

Spencer brought his mothers ring 2600 miles across country, got the diamond set in a beautiful custom made ring for me, and made sure to ask over the sunset on South Lake Tahoe so that his mother could be there as well.

Special Thanks

Candy | 
Customized the ring at precision diamonds!