Krista and Sean

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How We Met

We met in June 2015 at a golf course that I worked at. Sean’s dad suggested that he join a golf league because it would be good for business, and he reluctantly joined. I remember the first time he walked into the club house, and I thought he was the most handsome man ever . . . it was pretty much love at first sight for us both. I started to look forward to working on Tuesdays so that I could see Sean, and I actually gave him my number before he ever even asked for it! We started officially dating August 17th, 2015.

how they asked

On Saturday morning I got home from staying overnight at a friend’s house and watching her three year old daughter (while she was ironically at a wedding). I got home and Sean had cleaned the entire apartment and got me a really beautiful bouquet of flowers. It was a perfect summer day so we decided to go out and walk the entire Cliff Walk, which is a walk around the entire ocean…it took a few hours and we walked over 6 miles. It was so fun. And all day Sean kept saying “this is the best day ever” and trying to drop hints (which I did not pick up on) When we got home I felt super tired but Sean said “let’s get dressed up and go out” and I was like “ugh”do we have to?!” When I got out of the shower he had picked out a really fancy outfit for himself, and he ended up choosing my entire outfit as well. We live right downtown so we walked to this Mexican restaurant, Diego’s, which is where we had our first date. I thought it was really funny that we got all dressed up to go out and eat burritos. Then, we took an uber to goat island, where there is a bar/restaurant right on the water with a perfect view of the Newport bridge. We got two glasses of champagne and walked to the end of the island where there’s a little lighthouse. Luckily for us, it was an overcast night and there was nobody there (which is unheard of for a Newport summer night). We were standing together, Sean was behind me with his arms around me, and we were looking out onto the water. He was saying really cute things to me and the next thing I know I turned around he was down on one knee asking me to marry him! I was in complete shock and couldn’t stop shaking. What made it even more special is that is the same spot he had asked me to be his girlfriend almost two years ago. We were both so happy and excited and spent the rest of the long weekend celebrating with our friends and family, swimming at the beach, and watching fireworks. It was the best weekend of our lives.

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