Krista and Salvatore

How We Met

We met back in April of 2016 through mutual friends at a bar in Hoboken. Sal had a weird shirt on so of course, I made fun of it. We went back to their apartment to hang out but we never exchanged numbers! Fast forward to July 2016 and I am doing my normal Sunday scroll and come across a cute familiar face! We reconnected and had 3 dates in one week. Our first official date, we had margaritas and both ordered manage. I guess you can say we had an instant connection. It’s funny saying but it’s so true when you know! You know!!

how they asked

I had been planning a housewarming party for friends one Saturday afternoon in March. Before the party, Sal had stepped out to get ice and salsa but instead, he returned with a Goldendoodle puppy. So, of course, I burst out “omg” who’s dog is this! And he said it’s ours! I said “no way shut up shut up” what’s his name and he said to read his tag. Stanley, our new pup, had a heart-shaped collar that said will you marry me! Sal got down on one knee and I shrieked YESSSS!

The surprise doesn’t stop there! So remember we planned on having a party? Well, the party was already there! Sal rented the party room in our building with all our family and friends! We just recently set our date for September 28th, 2019! My ring was exactly what I have wanted and couldn’t have dreamed of anything better! PLUS now I am a puppy mom.

Where to Propose in At our apartment in a jersey city, NJ