Krista and Ryan

How We Met

We met almost six years ago in college at Eastern Washington University, and Ryan was my first resident to move in on my floor. I was a first year RA and had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was nervous, could hardly remember how to be a normal human, and meeting him seemed to remind me that it was okay. Little did I know that in that college dorm, I found my lifelong best friend. Finally, five years later, after many ups and downs, making a million memories, walking in graduation, and now living five hours apart, we started dating and quickly realized that this was what we were looking for all along.

how they asked

His family has a little place out by the beach and on a trip out there when we were first dating, he took me there and told me he loved me.

Many months later, after we both got into our post-graduate programs in California, we decided to move together. Two weeks before the move, Ryan asked to go out to the ocean one more time, and I went, knowing that things were serious and that I wanted to spend the rest of my life beside my best friend. He was nervous all day long, and I knew something was up. On our last walk along the beach in our home state, I noticed a suspicious guy with a camera, and Ryan continued to get more nervous.

He told me he loved me again, three times over withing sixty seconds, and got down on one knee. He said, “I have fallen in love with you, I have fallen in love with your family, and since this was the place where I told you that I first loved you, it was the only place I wanted to ask you this”.


I couldn’t even squeak out a “yes”, through my tears and shaking hands, I just nodded. He tried to steady both of our hands to slip on the most beautiful ring I have ever seen, and the last six years had finally come full circle.

Although we have a huge move ahead of us in the next two weeks, I think this can propel us both to get through a couple more weeks of being apart. Having the rest of our lives together to look forward to, and not having to spend another day without him by my side, I can’t wait to marry my best friend.



Special Thanks

Andrew Welker