Krista and Rocky

Image 1 of Krista and Rocky

How We Met

After graduating from High School, in the Fall of 2010, I attended college at HACC in Lancaster. Rocky still had his final year at high school to go. After my first year, I decided that I wanted to transfer to attend Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology in the Fall of 2011 to study Architecture.

Rocky decided he would like to attend Thaddeus Stevens as well, in the Architectural program. Considering the nature of the school, all majors are together 5 hours of the day, so the classes become close. Day 1 of classes – we met! I’m pretty sure my first words to Rocky were: “Is your name Rocky? I think we are friends on Facebook!” And of course I received some sarcastic witty comment back, but so forth that began our friendship.

Slowly we became closer, between complaining about school and work, pulling all nighters in shop, and finding out we had a lot more in common than we thought. Right before my 20th birthday, Rocky took me on a trip to the Greenfield Park where there is a pond and gazebo. He gave me a present while we were sitting and talking. I opened it to find a tin box, that held a handmade rose that said “Will you be my girlfriend?” along the leaves. Of course I said yes, and that was the start of our relationship!

how they asked

We had been together 2 years when he popped the question. Honestly, I was completely surprised. I thought”Maybeeeee..” but I wasn’t 100% certain. I should have gotten the hint when I was sitting at the kitchen table with my mom the night before it happened, and I was working on a gift for Rocky, my mom asked me:

“So, you really love Rocky?”

I stopped what I was doing and looked at her and said:

“Of course, Mom. Why would you ask that?” and she just smiles and said “Good, I can tell.” … I should have known.

The friends that know me well know I am a super observant person. Rocky had to lay some ground work. It was a Saturday, and my family was supposedly throwing a birthday party for my Uncle Steve that evening. Rocky had said we were going away for a weekend trip to celebrate our 2 year anniversary together, so I had my bags packed. He said he wanted to have a picnic where we first got together (the Gazebo, from the “How We Met…” story!). I thought that was a pretty awesome idea, so we planned it and went.

We got to the gazebo and Rocky had the cooler. I brought my gift for him, which was a promise ring (…I know, I know…), and 10 letters that he could read on different occasions with silly pictures of me in them. So, he was opening his gifts, and of course the promise ring didn’t fit, and he seemed to be really pleased. Then, he wanted to listen to music and relax a bit before eating and I thought it was really cute. The song “All of Me” came on by John Legend, when he decided he wanted to open the cooler. He did, and there was a box inside that said in calligraphy “Reasons to Spend the Rest of my Life with Krista Lee Marie…” at that point, I was getting really close to saying “ITS HAPPENING!”. I opened the box, teary eyed, and there were at least 10 different reasons all on different cards with red flower pedals in the box. By the time I had finished reading them all, we sat and listened to the song play on. Before long, Rocky told me to turn my head. I turned and saw my brother, Scott, his sisters Joani & Nikol, standing across the pond holding a huge sign that said “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” with Roses all over. I turned back to see Rocky on his knee holding the ring and I died. I somehow said “YES!” and I hugged him and kissed him and was crying all at the same time.

We walked around the pond and saw our siblings, and I later found out that the “birthday party” for my Uncle Steve, turned out to be our Engagement Party. It was such a wonderful and fun day, and it went absolutely perfect!

Image 2 of Krista and Rocky