Krista and Peyton

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Linville, NC

How We Met

Peyton and I met on Tinder, yes the “hookup” app, back in 2014. We went on our first date in December of that year and fell in love with each other quickly because we just clicked. We knew we were definitely what each other needed. Over the past three years, we have shared many memories together – going to Montana, Hersey Park, Myrtle Beach, Utah, and so many hiking destinations.

how they asked

We are both seniors in College and wanted to take a trip on spring break before we graduated. We found a place in North Carolina called Linville Falls and knew it would be a perfect hiking trip. So we rented an Air BnB for the weekend and headed there. The first night there Peyton and I wanted to take pictures at sunset. We both went over to the owner’s deck to watch the sunset and take some pictures, little did I know Peyton had a plan. As Peyton was setting up the camera on the tripod he turned on the record button. He then came over to me and we posed for pictures. After, Peyton grabbed both of my hands and told me how much he loved me. He then bent down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was in complete shock but so happy and excited, and of course I said YES! We are so happy and cannot wait to be married.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Linville, NC