Krista and Michael

Image 1 of Krista and Michael

How We Met

Michael and I met in High School when a mutual friend introduced the two of us during a ski trip. I secretly already knew who he was (even before Facebook and Instagram stalking was really a thing). We lived in the same county, traveled in similar crowds, but attended different high schools. The term “high school sweethearts” is real and very much a part of our story. After high school, we both graduated and attended Frostburg State University in Maryland. We continued to see each other throughout college and after graduation I decided to move to Charlotte, NC. He didn’t follow right away, but I knew he would. Four months after I moved to Charlotte, he moved to Myrtle Beach, SC. He attended the Golf Academy there for two years and we spent our weekends traveling back and forth to one another. Once he graduated, he moved to Charlotte, NC and the rest is history. Our “love story” is over a decade in the making.

how they asked

Michael and I usually travel home to Maryland for the holidays, where both of our families still live. This year, we decided to start a new tradition in our city that we call home. We asked both of our families to come to Charlotte for Christmas. Everyone arrived a few days before the holiday and we spent time exploring the city, eating and enjoying the crowd. On Christmas Eve, I spent the evening with my family and he spent the evening with his family separately. Christmas morning came and we all headed over to my sisters house to have Christmas dinner. We arrived, ate, drank and talked for hours. Later in to the day, we started opening presents under the tree. It was my turn and I was given one box to open. Inside I saw a red book, pulled it out and had a good laugh. It was a cookbook with my name on it. I laughed because Michael and I have had an on going joke for years that I would learn how to cook when he asked me to be his wife. So naturally, I thought this gift was another “joke”. As I’m laughing and saying thanks for the “gift” he says, “Remember when you said that you would learn to cook when I asked you to marry me?” He then turns to me, down on one knee and asks me to be his “forever”. Our families are crying, as are both of us. It was the most perfect day with the most perfect proposal. Also, I’m happy to report that I’ve cooked three meals since becoming a fiance.

Image 2 of Krista and Michael