Krista and Jordan

How We Met

Jordan and I actually went to the same high school, he is two years older than I am. I graduated with his younger sister and his mom was my gymnastics teacher as a girl, so I actually know his family well, but I never really spoke to him. We connected on a dating App and he was the only boy I ever messaged myself! We began talking a lot. My friends and I were going to a Jam on Walnut Street in Pittsburgh, which is an outdoor music festival. I invited him to join and he did! We had a blast and became best friends very quickly. On valentine’s day, not knowing that he was going to officially ask me to be his girlfriend, I placed a note and Nerf Gun out for Jordan to find that told him to come find me. I was hiding with a Nerf gun and shot him when he found me. (the Nerf guns come up in the proposal).

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how they asked

I had friends in from out of town, so we had plans to go to our local winery. Jordan, now my fiance, is the sweetest, so he offered to give us girls a ride. We took him up on it, not knowing, that he wanted us to say no! Once we were there, his mother texted me, him and his siblings, which is a normal thing she would do, about a checkpoint and to let her know if anyone needed a ride. I responded, “your sweet son is coming to get me and my friends but thank you!” I had no idea, but this whole thing was a made up story! So, Jordan calls me shortly after and asks if I saw his mother’s text, I say I did, so he tells me he didn’t see it before she called him and when she asked what he was doing, he told her having a beer. He said that she insisted on coming to pick up my friends and I, because you know how she is. I believed every word of it. My future mother in law comes to pick us up and tells us all these stories how she was at the grocery store and took someones shopping cart. All made up, once again, but I believed it all! My friends came to our house before the winery so his mother just had to drop us off their. We get out of the car and stand in the driveway talking. His mother would not leave, so I was worried we were in the way, so I asked my friends to move over off the driveway. We see a shadow in a window on the second floor of the house. We yell up to Jordan, not knowing he is waiting to propose. Finally, I walk to the back of the house, where I normally walk in. I was greeted at our whole porch by the whole thing turned into a fort, a letter and a Nerf Gun. The letter said a million sweet things, and challenged me to make it through Castle Nugs, with my protection from my Nerf Gun. Side note: we build forts in our house and call them Fort Nugs. We love Nerf Guns. I began crawling through the fort that went through our porch, into our kitchen and through the dining room. From the dining room, it led to our stair case and a walkway of candles. I followed the walkway of candles and peaked around the corner to one of our, more empty, spare rooms. When I saw Jordan in a suit surrounded in candles, with a ring in his hand, I jumped backwards and fell on the floor of excitement. I got back up and began jumping up and down while approaching him, all with a Nerf Gun in hand. He asked me to marry him and I forgot to answer him, I was just so excited! I got down on my knees and just kept hugging and kissing. I remembered at some point I still needed to say yes! So I did! He asked if I wanted to see the ring because I ignored it completely! It was so incredible and beautiful! We designed the ring together four months earlier but I never saw it off of a computer screen and had no clue when it would be coming. After his proposal, our families and some friends showed up and we had an engagement party! It was such an incredible day! He used 30 table clothes to create the whole fort. He had to build ways to hide our two cats and our puppy from destroying it all! It was the most amazing day of my life and I cannot wait to marry my BEST FRIEND.

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