Krista and Jeffrey

how they asked: It was just a normal day at work until I see my best friend walk in with a note in her hand reading “get ready for the best day of your life.” Next thing I knew I was leaving work early, riding in a limo, and heading to get a mani-pedi. After that, the limo drove me to my apartment where an outfit was laid out for me with the next note attached to the dress.

“You have 2 hours to get ready, and then meet me at the barn.” After getting ready, the limo drove me to the barn where the proposal happened. In the meantime, my entire family and his entire (including my friends from California and my grandma from Massachusetts) were waiting for our arrival back at his parents house. It was one big celebration for everyone! We got lots of “about times” because we have been dating since 8th grade. Best day of my life!

Image 4 of Krista and Jeffrey

Image 1 of Krista and Jeffrey

Image 2 of Krista and Jeffrey

Image 3 of Krista and Jeffrey

Photos by Suzie Wolf photography