Krista and Jason's 30th Birthday Party Proposal

How We Met

My best friend (now maid of honor) Tara, invited me to go to beer fest in Atlantic City with her and friends of hers that I had never met. I agreed to go and we went together. When we arrived in Atlantic City, we met her friends in their hotel room. Once in the hotel room, Tara introduced me to Jay and two of his friends. From the second we were introduced, we started talking and did not stop. We went to beer fest with a group of over 25 people, but somehow it was always Jay and I together walking around. From that day on, we were together. We moved in together and now have 2 fur babies and are engaged to be married.

*After all, every great Love Story begins with a cocktail <3

The picture included is us at every beer fest together since the first day we met (red shirts)Image 1 of Krista and Jason

how they asked

I had been planning Jay’s 30th surprise birthday party for months! I had it all ready to go, all of our family and friends at our house. I had the house fully decorated in a casino theme as Jay is a huge fan of poker and Atlantic City (since we live in NJ). Little did Jay know that we were not staying at the house, but leaving on a party bus to go do a bar crawl in Hoboken. He left the house at 9AM to go watch a soccer game and then play golf with his friends. My best friend (now matron of honor) Erin, came over to help me run last minute errands and to decorate the house. Since Jay had left so early, Erin suggested we get our nails done (she knew what was going to happen). I have anxiety to begin with so I was very anxious all day. We had the whole house set up, and ready to go! Jay came home and everyone yelled surprise!!! The party began! Everyone was eating, playing games, and hanging out when all of a sudden Jay’s mom announced that Jay would be opening gifts. I was very confused at this point, because we didn’t have a lot of time before the party bus arrived and what 30 year old sits down in front of everyone and opens gifts? Jay opened his gifts one by one and then announced that he had a gift for me, for planning his birthday. I opened the gift and it was hand painted lyrics of our song. At this point I began to cry (I am one of the most emotional people to begin with). Jay then said he had another small gift for me. He handed me a purple bag with tissue paper in it. When I looked in the bag, there was nothing in it. Jay looked at his parents confused and then said it must be inside. He then turned around and turned back around and got on one knee. I was in complete shock all these months planning the perfect surprise for him and he had surprised me. We of course celebrated, cried, and took a million pictures!!! The party bus then showed up and our birthday bar crawl turned into an engagement bar crawl with all of our favorite people!Image 2 of Krista and Jason Image 3 of Krista and Jason Image 4 of Krista and Jason Image 5 of Krista and Jason Image 6 of Krista and Jason Image 7 of Krista and Jason Image 8 of Krista and Jason Image 9 of Krista and Jason Image 10 of Krista and Jason Image 11 of Krista and Jason Image 12 of Krista and Jason