Krista and Ian

How We Met

Ian and I both share a love of the same band; Phish! I had spent a year teaching English and Thailand in 2014 and I came back to the US for the summer. I was all set to leave for Spain in the Fall for another 10 months. Once I was back in New Jersey, I made plans with friends to see Phish and camp out in upstate New York for the 4th of July weekend. My friends and I drove through a terrible storm to get there in the middle of the night. The next morning, as everyone emerged from their tents, hazy, and sleepy, I was introduced to everyone. Ian was there with his brother and sister. How awesome, I thought, to be able to see Phish with your siblings! I started casually flirting with Ian, thinking he was cute. The weekend flew by, and we chatted and found out that we lived 30 minutes away from each other. Once the weekend was over, I returned home without a phone number or even last name to go by. However, Facebook saved the day, I found his sister and was able to find him via her page. Shameless stalking, I’ll admit! I sent him a message and we started talking. The next weekend, he drove us out onto the beach at sunset and we had a bonfire and relaxing night with some of his friends. We spent the entire summer together. Once my departure date to Spain approached, we talked about what we wanted for the future. We both agreed to try the long-distance thing together and see where it took us. That was 6 years ago this summer!

Image 2 of Krista and Ian

How They Asked

Towards the end of summer 2018, we were planning on going to a music festival in upstate New York. Sadly, a massive nor’easter came through and the festival was canceled (It was called Curveball, and it surely was!) Our group of 25 chatted feverously trying to come up with a Plan B. Eventually, we found a giant ski house to rent in the Catskills that could fit our large group. It rained the entire weekend, but we made out own fun in the house despite the weather! Everyone was in on Ian’s secret, except for me! That Sunday, the last day of our stay, the sun FINALLY showed up. We all hopped in the cars to visit nearby Katerskill Falls and go for a short hike.

Image 3 of Krista and Ian

Curveball after curveball hit us; we got lost, we had no cell service, we couldn’t find out friends, etc. Ian was sweating and just wanted to pop the question, little did I know! Finally, we met with our group, and Ian wanted to show me the base of the waterfall. It was the perfect setup; I called Ian over to the waterfall and asked someone to take a picture. Once we were posed in front of the waterfall, Ian told me ‘there was a reason he wanted me to take me there.” Knowing he is a constant prankster, I jokingly asked, “You’re not going to throw me in, are you?” That’s when he bent down on one knee…

Image 4 of Krista and Ian