Krista and Frank

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How We Met: When people discover that Krista and I both grew up in Connecticut, they often assume that we must have met in CT, and the answer is…well…sort of. We did grow up about 20 minutes apart, but at different points in our lives, and for very different reasons, we both moved 3000 miles across the country to California and still somehow managed to end up together. To add to the absurd serendipity, (great movie by the way) that leads us here today, there’s a pretty good chance I had seen Krista multiple times throughout my life before we officially met on New Year’s Eve, 2007.

Krista and her family had literally been on my front lawn numerous times as a child looking at my father’s famous Christmas display, and she even played basketball against my younger sister in middle school back when she was just 4′-8″ tall and 68 lbs. Given that I’m over 4 years older than Krista, it’s probably pretty healthy that I didn’t notice her back when she was in middle school and I was in high-school, but it’s still amazing to consider the number of times our paths must have crossed before the universe finally decided to put us together in the same house, on the same night, and most importantly at the right time in our lives.

how they asked: Frank and I were back home for Thanksgiving. While there, we stayed at the house he grew up in, and shared a room with a life size Santa. It was the morning after Thanksgiving and we were getting ready to go to lunch with my family. Frank had been acting odd all morning, but I just figured he was tired from all the travel and activities the last few days.

As I was getting ready he stood there staring at me, to which I responded, something along the lines of “ can I help you? “ He then walked over to me, “very smoothly” grabbed a box of the book shelf, and proposed. Just me, him, and santa.

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After dating for 8 years I never expected him to be as nervous as he was, nor did I expect to feel the way I did. It was truly a beautiful moment in our relationship that I will cherish forever.