Krista and Derek

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How We Met

Derek and I met on Tinder almost two years ago, and to say he swept me off my feet in the first week would be an understatement. Our first date was a little complicated, in that I had ACL surgery just 10 days before, and was in a full brace and crutches on that night. But, I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity with this seemingly perfect guy, so I hobbled out to the doorstep where he was waiting to bring me to the car. We went to drinks first and hit it off immediately. By the time we finished dinner later on, we had talked about everything from work, family and passions to how family deaths had shaped us and what our hopes and dreams were for the future. Pretty deep for a first date, but it couldn’t have felt more comfortable and right! Within that first week, we went on 3 dates and he had already met a good amount of my friends. After date two, I knew this was something special, and I was already falling, but date three solidified that I would spend the rest of my life with this man. I told Derek I wanted to have a “Fall day date” that upcoming Sunday, so in true Derek fashion, he picked me up at 8am and brought me to breakfast, an apple farm, a wine tasting and a cider donut shop in a span of 6 hours.

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It was the most perfect day. Everything was so playful, easy and right – so before leaving the apple farm, I did what every girl who loves Instagram would – told him we needed a photo. I almost immediately regretted it – would he think I was crazy for posting a photo of us, as we literally had met a week before? But he assured me that it “just felt right”, and up the photo went with the ever-so aggressive caption of “Fall(in)'” and I sure was! Months later, I had told Derek that in those moments and throughout that day, I knew it was him and would always be. So each Fall we’ve returned to that Apple Farm to recreate our first picture! From that day on, our relationship never ceased to continue to pick up speed and our bond became rather visible to everyone around us. Everything about our lives past, now present, and our dreams for the future, always seem(ed) to fit perfectly together, making it the easiest love we’d ever found.

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how they asked

Derek and I hadn’t been to the Apple Farm yet this Fall, as it had been so uncharacteristically hot, so he told me he wanted to go before babysitting his niece and nephews that night, in order to make candy apples with them. Since it’s such a promised Fall activity for us, I didn’t think much of it. We headed to the farm and Derek directed me to the bottom of the trees to “start at the bottom and work our way up”. As I turned the corner of one of the last rows, I saw a ladder leaning against one of the trees. The same type of ladder that Derek had “dared me to go up” in my knee brace on that 3rd date, which is now a running joke for us. Naturally, I made note of that (purposely positioned) ladder, and Derek had me get on it to grab apples on the tree.

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I turned around to give him some for our bag, and there he was at the bottom on one knee, as a photographer came through the bushes. He proposed and we shared some sweet moments together before continuing on with the photographer to get some newly-engaged photos. I happened to ask if my family knew about the proposal, as we turned the corner down one of the large hills – where a tent was sitting at the bottom.

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Moments after asking, mine and Derek’s families came flooding out of the tent, running up the hill to congratulate us. I completely lost it seeing our moms running at us in tears, along with our families, and even my grandmothers, close behind.

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We all returned to the tent where Derek had created a breathtaking rustic vibe for our lunch, with photos of us and notes from him in every corner. It was the perfect day, and the perfect sentiment to that day 2 years ago, when I knew Derek would be the one!

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Special Thanks

James Bogue
 | Photographer
Paul Spatola
 | Tent/Settings Rentals
The Apple Farm
 | Renting their farm/location