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Last summer we took a 5 week trip traveling through Europe. Once we arrived in Paris, we spent the day exploring the city, and by that night we were completely exhausted. I was ready for bed, but it was Daniel’s idea to go back out and see the Eiffel Tower at night. I was so tired and asked if we could see it the next night. But Daniel wouldn’t let it go, saying it was going to rain the next night and insisting we should just go now. So, I reluctantly got ready and we went back to the Eiffel Tower. It turned out to be a beautiful night and we sat on the lawn at the Eiffel Tower and watched the beautiful, twinkling light show. For a brief moment, I thought he might propose… but when he didn’t, I (sadly) let go of the idea. After that, we walked across the street to the Fountain of Warsaw at the Gardens of the Trocadero. Daniel started acting strange… wanting to take a picture with the Eiffel Tower behind me, moving around trying to find the perfect spot with the right angle… of course the longer he took the more cranky I became asking “Would you just take the picture already?” Finally, he goes to take my picture, but first he says he has a surprise for me. He looks in his backpack and pulls out a padlock with our initials on it KF + DM… I had mentioned I wanted to put a lock on the “Love Lock Bridge” in Paris. He tells me, “Hold the lock exactly like this and don’t move.” Then he tells me he has one more thing for me. He kneels down to pull something else out of his backpack, which turned out to be a box with the most gorgeous ring inside. He said “I knew from the very first moment I met you, that you were the one. I love you so much. Turn the lock over.” I turned over the lock in my hand, and on the other side he had written, “Will you marry me?” I was in shock and started sobbing immediately, but managed to nod and say “YES, of course!” He stood up, and just as he slipped the ring on my finger, it began to rain. It couldn’t have been a more perfect night. :)

Now we are newly married, and just bought our first house!

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